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MUVR can simplify your business' operations by handling all your receiving & delivery needs.  All the hassles of delivery trucks at the store  location and reaching customers to schedule deliveries can be handled efficiently and professionally by our staff.   All your shipments can come to our warehouse for delivery to your customers at their convenience.  Because we understand that your customers are the life of your business, we strive to make each of them happy with the delivery process so that it never becomes an issue for you.  They'll be comfortable to buy from you again and again knowing that everything will be delivered with care and courtesy.

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MUVR can help you relocate within the local Tampa Bay area.  Our movers are professional and courteous.  Customer care is our first priority.  The MUVR team is made up of trusted individuals that will carefully handle your personal belongings.  We do not use any temporary employment agencies or labor pool services.  We know and trust the members of our team.  You can relax while we take care of all the work.  Pease call or email us to schedule a consultation and estimate.


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